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Time for you...

Mom-to-be Prenatal package:
1 class - $12
10 classes - $100
Unlimited month: $125 (allows clients to attend the first 40 minutes of class).

* prenatal package is for expectant moms who are not able to complete the last half of the class due to trimester progression, or special health restrictions but would still like to shape and sculpt their upper and lower bodies safely throughout their pregnancy.  All mom-to-be packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.  No transfers are allowed.  

At Karve Studio, we understand how rewarding starting and growing your family can be.  After all, many of our instructors are moms and have even taken the method right up until the week they delivered their beautiful children. We do everything we can to allow you time to focus on you - even if it's only for an hour a few times a week.  Karve studio is perfect for any mother who is short on time but still values the importance of maintaining and improving her own physical well-being.  We offer fully-staffed child-care, and we also offer expectant mothers a special discounted rate for taking a shorter section of class should you find your practice becomes more difficult as your baby bump grows!  

Of course we encourage any current Karve Studio client who becomes pregnant to continue her practice to the fullest.  Our method is extremely effective at warding off excess weight gain during pregnancy, preparing you for the marathon of labor, and bouncing you right back in to shape after your baby is born.  You are welcome to continue your regular class practice as long as you like, or if you choose to limit your practice as your pregnancy progresses, you are welcome to take advantage of our "mom-to-be" Karve rates which allow you to take the first half of class at a reduced rate.  

Please note that this discounted rate is only valid for expectant mothers.


Don't forget, we also have a fully-staffed Childcare facility in-studio for a nominal rate offered Monday - Saturday mornings.