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The Technique

An evolved exercise method stemming from Callanetics and the Lotte Berk Method, the Karve exercise technique creates a lean, firm, sculpted body by reshaping and elongating the major muscles. Karve is the fastest, most effective and SAFEST way to change your body from the inside out. In one hour, this technique will create a high lifted seat, lean, shapely thighs, beautiful shoulders and triceps, and a trim waist. Originally created by a dancer in the 1950's, this method involves no jumping, jarring or damaging movements while efficiently burning fat and increasing stamina.


Karve fuses highly focused and controlled movements through ballet barre work, core strengthening, yoga, Pilates and orthopedic stretching techniques. Using high repetition, small range of motion, accuracy, and focus, each muscle group is worked thoroughly and completely, then stretched to create long lean lines. The entire body is challenged throughout the class, which quickly improves posture and body alignment, and creates a body equal in strength, beauty, balance, and youthful vitality.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Karve Method owner and developer, Kendra, has over 10 years of fitness, Pilates, Sport Medicine, and athletic experience, she holds a degree in Kinesiology, and a Master's in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. Kendra has held certifications as an athletic trainer (sports physical therapy), and maintains certifications through the Pilates Method Alliance, and the NSCA.


After discovering this amazing technique in California, Kendra trained extensively with Jill Dailey in order to provide Arizona women with the same fitness regime that has been popular in other metropolitan areas around the country for decades. Through her vast teaching experience, orthopedic conditioning knowledge and movement science studies, she continues to create and evolve the Karve technique. While many studios have begun teach their own interpretation of a barre workout, the Karve technique is uniquely effective due to the authentic construction of our facilities, and every teacher's adamant attention to detail.


Since opening my first studio in Mesa at k Pilates, I have seen countless women completely change their physiques in a safe, supportive environment and a feeling of personal attention in each class. My own body has changed in ways I never thought possible, even after years of movement studies in other regimens. This has truly become my passion and gives me so much fulfillment to be able to make this technique available to so many people in the Phoenix area.


Our mission at Karve Studio is to provide attention to each individual's form, in limited semi-private class sizes to ensure rapid results.