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I began the Karve class in December of 2007, about three months before a spring break trip to Florida. Though that wasn’t my main motivation for trying out Karve, it was more a boredom with my regular gym/aerobic routine and wanting to try something a little more focused with a lot more personal attention as well as… a big motivator for me, good music. I definitely got what I was searching for plus more!


The class size is limited so that the instructor is able to roam the room pointing out form errors and correcting them as well as encouraging and pointing out improvements they notice as individuals become stronger and more in-tune with their muscles, especially the core which is the center of all movement. I noticed a difference in my muscle strength and mind/body connection after two weeks. Every week after I was able to do more, hold a position longer, find the correct position on my own without instructor assistance, and my flexibility increased, which was very motivating, since I could notice the change at each class.


Karve combines the best of exercise movements to create a lean, toned, flexible body with the perfect amount of expert guidance and encouragement during the class, and relaxation techniques at the end of class, to prepare you to live your day in a good place both in body and mind.


MZ - Mesa



Karve Testimonial



As a 50+ year old out of shape male, I started taking Karve in 2008. Within 2 weeks I was addicted and taking the class 6x per week. My muscle mass increased and flexibility was better than with anything I had tried in the past. And this was with an exercise which was easy on my abused joints.






I love Karve! Classes are challenging but fun at the same time. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and clear in their instruction. No matter what your level, they can adjust the exercise. I am over 50 and have 3 bulged discs in my back, a torn meniscus in one knee and a shoulder injury. After a year of Karve I'm pleased to report a stronger knee, my shoulder has better movement and my back doesn't hurt anymore. I am amazed at my increased flexibility and it continues to improve all the time. Muscles that haven't been seen since the 80's have reappeared, along with muscle-tone! You will feel personal pride and satisfaction at the completion of every class.






I started taking Karve in January 2008. I am in my mid-40s and have rheumatoid arthritis so it is tough for me to find a workout that challenges me without stressing my joints. The first few weeks of Karve were enlightening. I discovered I could work hard without hurting myself. After each class I was tired, shaky and my muscles were sore. Now I am completely hooked! The teachers are knowledgable about all aspects of fitness. The studio is beautiful and super clean. The music is always new and a big part of the appeal for me. I am leaner, stronger and more flexible thanks to my Karve experience.






As an endurance runner, I was looking to integrate a core strength routine into my regular training plan. By strengthening core muscles, a runner’s “power center” is greatly increased, enhancing rotational, pelvic and lower back strength and flexibility, and helping make each stride more efficient and powerful. By training specific core muscle groups, I was hoping to eliminate strength imbalances that lead to low back pain or injury, sore hips, knees, and other conditions that impact performance.


I started Karve classes in November 2007, incorporating one class a week into my training. I was somewhat skeptical that a once-a-week, one-hour, multiple muscle group workout could really make a difference, but that skepticism soon disappeared. My first class was one of the most intense workouts I had ever done. I was using muscles that I didn’t even know I had!


I began to notice positive changes after 3 or 4 classes. My running stride felt longer. I was running stronger, especially on hills. My lower back no longer hurt after my 20 mile and longer runs. I was more flexible. And, as an added bonus, I saw a leaner and firmer body in the mirror.


I have kept up with a Karve class once a week, and the benefits continue. Perhaps the most significant being that, aside from strengthening my core, Karve has trained me to actually use it. I know this has helped me avoid the over-use injuries common with ultra running.


I recommend Karve to any athlete who is looking to improve performance, reduce injuries or just look and feel better!